Saturday, November 8, 2008

HOWTO: Log Boot Messages

HOWTO: Log Boot Messages

At times I find it very difficult to see what has successfully loaded or not during boot up. There is a way to initiate logging during startup (boot).

Here's how to set it up:

You need to enable boot logging by opening a terminal and typing the following:
$ sudo gedit /etc/default/bootlogd
The text editor will open, and the following will be show:

# Run bootlogd at startup ?

Now, everytime you restart, /var/log/boot will be created, and it will contain a log of all your boot messages. You need to be root to open it, so you can easily open it up again with sudo.

NOTE: On my machine, I get a message on my screen during boot saying that the boot log has failed. But it was lying, the boot log worked just fine.

ALSO NOTE: The boot log will be full of lines like this '^[[A^[[74G[ ok ]'. All that 'garbage' is just the color code used to display the text as white or red during boot. It seems to get captured along with all the rest of the text.
So there you have it! This is a really useful feature, and I was slightly surprised that this was disabled by default.

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would u tell me how to create a message/some note page during start up???!!!